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Luxury Full Body Groom
Full groom with a luxury shampoo to suit your dog’s coat with deep de-stress dog massage, fluffy dry and brush, clipping of owner’s choice and spritz spray of fragranced oil to end.
From £35
Express Wash, Dry & Trim
Wash and dry with a shampoo suitable for dog’s coat, tidy up and trim
From £25
Puppy Wash & Dry
Puppy wash bath with speciality puppy shampoo, fluffy dry. Includes nail trim, pad clean,
trim and tidy if necessary – a relaxing process.
From £15
Hand Stripping
This is for wire haired breeds. Taking the dead wired outer hair from the dog by hand helps a new wire coat go through. Helps keep coats the correct colour and texture. A stripping bath wash after care.
From £35
Clean Teeth & Freshen
Using our healthy oral dog toothpaste made with natural products that aids in killing germs
that cause bad breath.
Tear Stain Removal
Using our healthy oral dog toothpaste made with natural products that aids in killing germs
that cause bad breath.
Anal Gland Expression
Impacted anal glands can often be relieved manually by naturally expressing or squeezing.
Symptoms usually shown by the dog dragging its bottom across the floor.
Paddy Care
Nail clipping and pad wax. This treatment is excellent for dogs with cracked pads.
5* Moroccan Argan Oil & Lavender Mud Treatment
Nourshing, calming mud treatment, helps to replenish & restore hair, giving shine and softness to the coat. Great for sensitive skin with hypoallergenic properties. The Moroccan Argan Oil helps restore hair & create luxurious shine. Lavender Oil has natural stress and pain relief. The Dead Sea Mud is filled with natural, essential minerals and has added vitamin E for help with skin renewal and itch relief. Also contains soothing Aloe Vera. This calming mud treatment is designed to help stressed or nervous dogs to relax whilst gently exfoliating the skin. It helps eliminate dandruff, hotspots, itchiness and dry skin, leaving the coat shining, skin moisturised and dogs in a state of bliss.
5* Luxury Spa Experience
Treat your treasured companion to a relaxing bubble bath with a relaxing in-bath massage that will help soothe and relax tired muscles. Your pet’s coat will be cleansed with calming moisturising shampoo and conditioning treatment. Premium conditioning rinse will follow. Treatment includes a luxury warm towel wrap and spritz of a conditioning spray to finish.
5* Deluxe Pawdicure
This relaxing pawdicure includes a specially designed paw soak, nail trim, massage between the pads and paw, towel dry and paw wax applied to pads. This treatment helps to heal paws damaged by gavel, asphalt, snow, salt-treated roads and hot pavements. Helps to keep the paws soft, making them less likely to crack. This soothing pawdicure will leave your pet's paws feeling refreshed.
Blueberry Facial
Our very own Blueberry facials are great for dogs with tear stains, its a very relaxing treatment and great for white dogs that need that extra bit of highlighting around the facial areas. We use a small handful of facial treatment and scrub this into the face by massaging a very relaxed massage around the facial areas.
Dog Walking
Group walks - £11.50 (which include 1 hours walk plus collection and drop off service. Individual walks we offer 30 minutes for £8.50 and 60 minutes £13.50. We offer discounts to people with 2 or more dogs in the same household.
Dog Taxi
We can provide a dog taxi service to make it even easier for you; ideal for pups who can’t make their own way to the groomers.

You can download our 2020 Price List below:





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