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June 18, 2020

Back to work for puppy parents: how to care for your new fur baby while you're away

Back to work for puppy parents: how to care for your new fur baby while you're away

With lockdown gently easing over the coming weeks and months, many of us are facing the return to work.

If you've recently bought a puppy, you may be wondering how you can transition back to working full or part-time, as well as ensure your pup is safe and happy.

Read on for top tips on how to care for your pooch, while still bossing it in the office.

Ask a friend for help

Older dogs can usually be left alone for longer periods of time. However, if you adopted a puppy during lockdown, they will need to be checked on regularly. While your puppy is young, they need lots of contact to avoid separation anxiety when you leave.

Ask a helpful neighbour, friend or family member to check on your pup a few times throughout your working day. They can let the puppy out for a toilet break and give them some fuss too.

Hire a puppy sitter

If you don't have a friend or family member available to help, consider looking for a local puppy sitter who can look after your beloved pet during the working day. Even if they only come for half the day, it reduces the hours your puppy will be home alone and gives you peace of mind that they aren't distressed.

An experienced puppy sitter can help with toilet training and bring about a bit of routine that we're sure both you and your pup will appreciate.

Pop home on your lunch break

If you work locally, then why not spend your lunch break at home with your puppy. This means you can let them out for a toilet trip and give them lots of cuddles and playtime. It will also reassure you that they are okay, and it can be a fun way to break up the working day.

Use a puppy cam

For peace of mind and your dog's safety, you could invest in a puppy cam.  This will allow you to keep an eye on your dog from your smartphone. The fancier versions even have a button you can press to release a doggy treat!

A puppy cam is a nice way to be sure your furry friend is happy while you work. And if you do see any issues or signs of distress, you can go and check on them or ask a neighbour to pop in.

If you already feel nervous about returning to work after lockdown, this can settle any extra anxieties you have about how your pet will cope without you.

Leave plenty to keep your pup occupied

As well as ensuring the essentials of food and water, it's important to leave plenty of toys to stimulate your dog and ensure they don't get bored. You can get fantastic puzzle toys that require your dog to work for a treat, as well as balls that squeak, rattle, and make interesting sounds. Leaving these around the house, as well as a selection of chew toys, will give your dog some welcome entertainment.

Hire a dog walker

At Hound Ville, we offer a professional dog walking service for dogs of all breeds, ages, and personalities. As well as ensuring your pup gets plenty of exercise, this also helps with basic training and gets them used to socialising with other dogs which is important for their development.

After our walk, we make sure your furry friend is fed and watered, and will provide any other little extras you’d like (as well as giving them plenty of cuddles).

Treat your puppy to our grooming spa

Going back to work can be a big adjustment for both you and your furry friend. Why not treat them to a day at our fantastic Hound Ville grooming spa to remind them they are loved?

For puppies, we start our wash and groom treatment with fifteen minutes of cuddling, playtime and getting to know each other. This is to make sure your pup is relaxed and feels at home with us.

You can view our full list of spa and grooming treatments here, but our most popular puppy treatment includes:

  • De-stress massage and facial scrub in the bath
  • Shampoo, wash and blow-dry
  • Outline trim or brush (depending on breed)
  • Ear clean  
  • Teeth freshen
  • Fragrance spray of your choice (optional)

We’ve also got a wide range of doggy treats on offer for you to take home and share with your fur baby.

If you’d like to know more about any of our services, book a treatment or just have a question about how to care for your pup, get in touch with our expert team.

Remember - a dog is for life, not just for lockdown.

Looking after a dog during lockdown
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