Our dog walking team is here to help

We offer a wide range of dog walking services and packages to suit your individual requirements. Bookings can be occasional, daily, weekly or monthly. Our team are experience will all sizes of dogs from toy breeds, through to large breeds and giant breeds. We walk dogs of all ages from puppies to seniors, vary the length of walk/visit accordingly and will cater for all personality traits; friendly and outgoing, boisterous, timid/nervous, aggressive etc. We don't just offer dog walking, our team will practice basic obedience, socialisation and create a trusting relationship with your pooch. After every walk or comfort break visit, dogs are readied for entering your house such as wiping paws & fresh water given. All dog walking must have a complimentary induction appointment before walking.

  • Individual Dog Walking From £25

    This service is comprised of one dog (or more than one dog from the same household). Dogs suitable for these walks are those happier in their own company. We currently offer a dog walking service in the following area’s: Birkenshaw, Cleckheaton, Liversedge, Mirfield, Gomersal, Drighlington, Robertown, Birstall. We offer 30 minute & 60 minute solo walks.

    We always share our video’s, images and plenty of updates of their fur babies upon our dog walks, we love to communicate with owners! We are due to expand our dog walking services in other areas located across Yorkshire, so keep an eye out on our socials!

  • Group Dog Walking From £25

    These are walks were we match up your dog(s) to other dogs of a compatible temperament. Companion walks are comprised of no more than six dogs at a time. This small number allows our team to focus on each dog. Dogs suitable for these walks are those that are well socialised. We do a variety of group dog walks throughout the week for up to 2 hours. Dogs that are looking for a little more socialisation, companionship, exercise, fun and a little bit of extra training these group walks really help with this and we can't recommend them enough.

  • Dog Taxi Service From £15

    We can provide a dog taxi service to make it even easier for you. This is ideal for pups who can’t make their own way to the groomers. All of our dog vans are fully insured, safe for dogs including the correct caging, air conditioned and are perfect for both small and large dogs. We can operate in a large radius. Pricing depends on the duration of time and miles of the round trip. For local taxi service, book online. For a more bespoke taxi service, please contact us directly for a quote. We can also collect and drop off for grooming appointments at a small charge.