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We can offer a wide range of services and packages to suit your individual requirements. Bookings can be occasional, daily, weekly or monthly. We offer a free consultation over the phone or in person upon booking.

Dog Walking

We can offer a wide range of services and packages to suit your individual requirements. Bookings can be occasional, daily, weekly or monthly.

We can walk all sizes of dogs from the toy breeds, through to large breeds and giant breeds. We walk all ages of dogs from puppies to seniors and vary the length of walk/visit accordingly.

We cater for all personality traits; friendly and outgoing, boisterous, timid/nervous, aggressive etc. We can offer strenuous exercise or a gentle stroll.

We offer both companion walks and individual walks. After every walk or comfort break visit, dogs are readied for entering your house (paws wiped etc), fresh water given.

All dog walking must have a booked visited introduction appointment before walking.

Group Walks

These are walks were we match up your dog(s) to other dogs of a compatible temperament. Companion walks are comprised of no more than six dogs at a time. This small number allows to focus on each dog. Dogs suitable for these walks are those that are well socialised. We do a group walk in the morning between 10am-12pm including walk time, drop of and collection and the afternoon walk at 2pm - 4pm, Dogs that are looking for a little more socialisation, companionship, exercise, fun and a little bit of extra training these group walks really help with this and we can't recommend them enough.

Individual Walks

These are comprised of one dog (or more than one dog from the same household). Dogs suitable for these walks are those where they are happier in their own company. Prices available on our price list HERE.

We currently offer a dog walking service in the following area’s:

Birkenshaw, Cleckheaton, Liversedge, Mirfield, Gomersal, Drighlington, robertown, Birstal. We are due to expand our dog walking services in other areas located across Yorkshire, it would be great for everyone to keep their eye out for us offering our dog walking services near them!

We always share our video’s, images and plenty of updates of their fur babies upon our dog walks, we love to communicate with owners!

How to get started?

How to get started? We start by booking an induction with you (you can book this HERE through our website) with one of our dog walkers. This is where the Dog Walker will come to your house and meet your dog, have a chat with you about your special requirements, where the leads will be located and provide you with information about our walks, these visits are completely free of charge with no objection to start with us, however if you wish to go with us we are happy to work on any instructions you may have. All of our dog walkers are very lovely, DBS checked, trained, qualified and canine first aid qualified.

The Walks

*Please note we are happy to walk your dog on or off the lead, which ever you prefer. In order to comply with our insurance policy we require with your signed permission to walk off the lead. We can also provide/offer photos of your dog while out with us.

Where do we provide our dog walking services?

Originally, we only providing dog walking services in the area's of the following:

Cleckheaton / Birkenshaw / Gomersal / Liversedge / Mirfield / Hunsworth.

However we have expanded our services with our new addition to the team we are able to expand our dog walking area's to the following:

Morley / Driglington / Gildersome

Keep a look out for our dog walking van in the following area's above 🙂


Please note - we make every effort to provide an accurate start time for walks. However, due to variables outside our control such as traffic when collecting a dog, actual start times may vary slightly.Dog collection times are within 30 minutes, the walk will last 60 minutes and then we give another 30 minutes for drop off time. You can make a booking HERE


Dog Taxi

We can provide a dog taxi service to make it even easier for you; ideal for pups who can’t make their own way to the groomers. All of our dog vans are fully insured, safe for dogs including the correct caging, air conditioned vans and are perfect for both small and large dogs. Contact us today for availability & price.


In regards to the dog taxi we can operate across the country if you are stuck trying to transport your dogs, we can help with this. Pricing depends on the duration of time and miles of the round trip. Please contact us directly for a quote.

We can also collect and drop off for grooming appointments at a small charge.

We also sell a selection of delicious treats, such as doggy cake and biscuits, all made from natural ingredients AVAILABLE HERE

Dog taxi service Hound ville Bradford


We now offer microchipping at your own home!

With our very own fully qualified, licensed and insured staff.

We offer our own microchipping service in the comfort of the puppies home.

Our professionals come out to you with full equipment!

Microchipping service Bradford

Grooming Spa

We offer a wide range of grooming and spa services for your pup that will have them looking and feeling like a Top Dog in no time.

Whether you want the full works or just a quick tidy up, we can provide a clean and professional service you can trust on every visit.

Click the button below to view our prices:


Grooming Consultations

All dogs are unique and require different treatments to ensure they remain happy and healthy.

Our free grooming consultations allow our groomers to get a feel for your dog’s individual needs, based on their breed, age, coat type, temperament, and any conditions. It also allows us to build a relationship with your pup and reassure you they will be safe in our care.

Young or anxious dogs may benefit from slowly building up a relationship with their groomers, to ensure The Hound Ville is an experience they look forward to on each visit. We always ensure upon arrival that we go through your full requirements, anything that we may need to know, your preferred sprays, shampoo’s and your choice of grooming package.

Puppy & Dog Grooming

We offer grooming for young puppies as well as older dogs. Whatever their age, it is just as important that they are regularly groomed and get into a good routine. Please note that puppies can be groomed for a puppy wash and trim from 12 weeks old, we also wait until the puppy is six months old for a full body groom which includes clipping as dog breeds such as a cockapoo’s, cocker spaniels, shitzhu’s and other breeds with similar hair.

Basic Treatments

Luxury Full Body Groom

Full groom with a luxury shampoo to suit your dog’s coat with deep de-stress dog massage,

fluffy dry and brush, clipping of owner’s choice and spritz spray of fragranced oil to end.

Express Wash, Dry & Trim

Wash and dry with a shampoo suitable for dog’s coat, tidy up and trim.

Puppy Wash & Dry

Puppy wash bath with speciality puppy shampoo, fluffy dry. Includes nail trim, pad clean, trim and tidy if necessary – a relaxing process.

Hand Stripping

This is for wire haired breeds. Taking the dead wired outer hair from the dog by hand helps a new wire coat go through. Helps keep coats the correct colour and texture. A stripping
bath wash after care.

Optional Extras

Clean Teeth and Freshen

We freshen up your dog’s mouth with our all-natural oral dog toothbrush.

This promotes healthy dental hygiene and aids in killing germs that cause bad breath.

Tear Stain Removal

Tear stains are dark stains below your dog’s eyes and are usually a dark brown or reddish colour.

We use our gentle facial wash to clean and cleanse this area and remove stains.

Paddy Care

Nail clipping and pad wax. This treatment is excellent for dogs with cracked pads.

Shampoo, Wash, Blow Dry & De-Shred

This includes a luxury de stress massage, relaxing facial scrub, speciality de shed shampoo, blowdry, de shed brush to get rid of all the excess hairs, ear clean and fragrance spray of owners choice.

Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkle Balm by the Natural Dog Company is a patent pending all-natural, scent-free balm specially formulated to treat and prevent skin fold disease, infection and discomfort. It is fortified with gentle, yet powerful, extracts with natural anti-fungal properties to eradicate yeast, bacteria and crusty buildup. Wrinkle Balm is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to improve skin fold and prevent future impurity.

Snout Balm

Snout Soother is a snout soothing nose balm by The Natural Dog Company for dog’s noses is a synergistic, perfect blend of organic, vegan, nourishing, healing and moisturising ingredients, Helps with Crusty, dry, cracked, chapped and even bleeding dog noses.

Spa Treatments

A day at the spa can make you feel relaxed and refreshed, and it’s no different for your canine friends. Treat your furry companion to a day out at Hound Ville, enjoying our special five-star spa treatments.

5* Moroccan Argan Oil & Lavender Mud Treatment

Nourshing, calming mud treatment, helps to replenish & restore hair, giving shine and softness to the coat. Great for sensitive skin with hypoallergenic properties.

The Moroccan Argan Oil helps restore hair & create luxurious shine.

Lavender Oil has natural stress and pain relief.

The Dead Sea Mud is filled with natural, essential minerals and has added vitamin E for help with skin renewal and itch relief. Also contains soothing Aloe Vera.

This calming mud treatment is designed to help stressed or nervous dogs to relax whilst gently exfoliating the skin. It helps eliminate dandruff, hotspots, itchiness and dry skin, leaving the coat shining, skin moisturised and dogs in a state of bliss.

5* Luxury Spa Experience

Treat your treasured companion to a relaxing bubble bath with a relaxing in-bath massage that will help soothe and relax tired muscles.

Your pet’s coat will be cleansed with calming moisturising shampoo and conditioning treatment.

Premium conditioning rinse will follow.
Treatment includes a luxury warm towel wrap and spritz of a conditioning spray to finish.

5* Deluxe Pawdicure

This relaxing pawdicure includes a specially designed paw soak, nail trim, massage between the pads and paw, towel dry and paw wax applied to pads.

This treatment helps to heal paws damaged by gavel, asphalt, snow, salt-treated roads and hot pavements. Helps to keep the paws soft, making them less likely to crack.

This soothing pawdicure will leave your pet’s paws feeling refreshed.

Blueberry facial

Our very own Blueberry facials are great for dogs with tear stains, its a very relaxing treatment and great for white dogs that need that extra bit of highlighting around the facial areas. We use a small handful of facial treatment and scrub this into the face by massaging a very relaxed massage around the facial areas.


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